Alexa Chung “with regard to the environment we are living in difficult times “

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Alexa Chung: "with regard to the environment, we are living in difficult times."

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The topic of sustainability has many people in the world. Also It-Girl Alexa Chung to deal with the issue and calls for a rethink .

The issues of sustainability and Zero Waste does not go to Alexa Chung, 35, is over. The London It Girl who works as a Model, presenter and designer, has not dealt with the protection of the environment but only for themselves personally but for the GALA, concrete tips for a more sustainable living formulated.

Alexa Chung insists on Recycling.

Alexa Chung is aware of the need to change the world, to protect the Planet earth. Particularly in respect of Recycling, must change our Thinking, as she reveals in the Interview with GALA: "sustainability is incredibly important. I think for many years we were aware, what did it for impact, to recycle, but may not have the technology. Now we have the resources and should act accordingly. With regard to the environment, we live after all in difficult times."

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The Model is against a disposable culture .

Chung sees the responsibility of not only in Industrial, but also in the Private. The 35-designates Year’s clear what each Individual can do at home to live at the expense of the environment: "We should use bottles again, and at home, have more responsibility to protect our planet, reduce energy consumption and Zero Waste to strive for, something Good." You as a fashion designer, who has a bulging wardrobe, has found a way to with these resources, you would not want to deal with a generic: "that’s Why I also buy a lot of Vintage clothing and look to invest only in classic that I’ll wear for a long time. I still wear jumpers that I bought ten years ago. This is a way of the disposable culture to take distance."

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